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All praise be to Almighty God, Lord of the Universe, and may peace and blessings be upon His final messenger Muhammad, and upon his companions, his family and all those who follow Clear Guidance until the Last Day. We humbly seek the grace and forgiveness of God Most High—and were it not for His most bountiful mercy, we would all certainly be amongst the losers. There is none who can forgive sins or answer prayers except for Almighty God—the All-Compassionate, the Most-Merciful—and we seek refuge in Almighty God from the evil of our souls and from our sinful deeds. Only the misguided claim that God—the Loving, the Powerful and the Wise—cannot freely bestow His forgiveness on whomsoever He pleases! We testify that there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty God—the Mighty and the Sublime—and that Muhammad is His noble servant and final messenger.

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To proceed...Peace be unto all people who follow God's Guidance—the pure way of Abraham the patriarch of all the prophets. The clear way of pure monotheism, which avoids confusing the Creator with the created, is nothing but the Straight Path of Islam—which means submitting to and worshipping God alone. The purpose of this page, God willing, is to present the truth of Islamic monotheism to those yearning to know more about what Islam teaches and what Muslims believe. In conjunction with presenting the pure teachings of Islam, we are involved in an ongoing effort to respond to the misinformation, lies and distortions that have been heaped upon Islam by its enemies. Indeed, Islam has been under attack from its very inception, but in recent years it has come under increased ideological attack not only from its historic foes, Christian missionaries and Orientalists, but from proponents of Western neo-imperialism and liberal monoculture as well. As the last bastion of the traditional world view, the community of Muslim believers is standing in the way of the West's imprudent march toward the so-called "End of History". Unfortunately, the average citizen in the West is not aware of this larger perspective since they are often misinformed by what they are bombarded with by the media. To be sure, the attitudes towards Islam in the West range from the rabid hostility common amongst Serbs to the willful ignorance of the average citizen of Smalltown, U.S.A. In Europe and America, Islam is usually presented as that "other" religion and even its basic teachings are rarely presented without distortion. Both the website and our weblog were established with the humble intention of refuting the wide range of attacks that have been heaped upon Islam in recent years. Dealing with issues which should be obvious to those not blinded by cultural bigotry, such as whether Muslims worship the same God (Arabic: Allah) as Jews and Christians, to presenting detailed refutations of attacks on God's final revelation, the Qur'an, we certainly have our work cut out for us.

In conjunction with this, we intend to advocate a return to the balanced and moderate understanding of Islam as preserved in the living tradition of the erudite scholars and wise sages of Sunni Islam. Indeed, the cure for the widespread ignorance and plague of extremism which engulfs the Muslim World today is getting back in touch with an authentic spiritual and intellectual heritage that is second to none. Even though Islam and Muslims have their fair share of bigoted critics, the negative stereotypes and bad press that commonly malign Islam these days are ultimately the fault of Muslims since they've allowed themselves to be seduced by nascent modern interpretations of Islam that are often unduly militant, subtly self-righteous and spiritually arid. Unfortunately, today many Muslims have been duped into abandoning their rich spiritual legacy in favor of various simplistic and shallow forms of what is fittingly referred to as "Protestant Islam". Quite often this is done with the well-intentioned desire of returning to the pure way of the early generations of Muslims (Arabic: Salaf as-Salih) without realizing that inherent in this modern pseudo-Islamic ideology is the implication that the vast majority of Muslim scholars for the past fourteen centuries were collectively misguided. The traditional Muslim understanding, based on an authentic prophetic utterance, is that their religion is operative on three levels: submission (islam), faith (iman), and sincerity (ihsan). Over the centuries, this understanding manifested itself in corresponding Islamic sciences which brought forth not only a rich and vast literature of incredible depth and breadth, but solidified in several authentic schools of thought in each area as well. While the outward sciences of Islam were expounded upon by the scholars of Prophetic narration (hadith) and jurisprudence (fiqh), the intricacies of correct iman were clarified by the scholars and schools of creedal belief ('aqidah). Unfortunately, many of the more intolerant and puritanical understandings of Islam on the loose today, although they often recognize and ostensibly value the work of authentic Islamic scholarship in the first two operative levels of Islam, when it comes to the level of Ihsan, which historically manifested itself in the science of tasawwuf, they ignore and even falsify the classical Muslim tradition while turning a blind-eye to Islamic history. This break with tradition is most unfortunate, since by only paying facile lip-service to the importance of substantive self-purification and failing to tap into this highly-developed aspect of the Islamic legacy, as expounded by our upright scholars and illustrious sages, a profound transformation of the Muslim community is very unlikely.

Our aim, with God's help, is to expound the benefits of adhering to the fulfilling beliefs and moderate practices of traditional Sunni Islam. This is of the utmost urgency and importance in an age where Islam, as traditionally understood, is being maligned from the left by Westoxicated Muslims and their half-baked reformulation which is often referred to as "Progressive Islam", and from the right by Pharisee-like literalists who call to a bland and shallow understanding of Islam which so often seems to result in self-righteousness and disenchantment rather than engendering long-term spiritual fulfillment. The irony is that both of these approaches adhere to a "Do-It-Yourself" and "Pick-and-Choose" approach to the religious texts of Islam which casts aside over 1,400 years of understanding and interpretation by remarkable and rightly-guided Muslim scholars. Once this approach is accepted, textual interpretation tends to head wherever one already wants to go-whether it's liberal "Progressive Islam" or worldly "Political Islam"—since both of these modernist approaches to the religion are really flip sides of the same coin. In advocating a return to traditional Islam, we humbly hope to provide resources to help Muslims avoid both of these extremes and thus overcome some of the problems that are corrupting and disheartening Muslim communities throughout the world. Ultimately, we hope to help Muslims realize that there is no need for anxiety, since in spite of the myriad of ongoing trials, deadly disasters and widespread injustices facing the Muslim World today, history remains in good hands—and there is no power or strength except in Almighty God.

We are always open to comments, questions and honest inquiry, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you so desire. However, in spite of the fact that our website is called Muslim Answers, please be aware that we are not qualified to give Islamic legal opinions (fatawa), since that is the sole domain of classically-trained, qualified and experienced Islamic scholars. Thus if you have fiqh related questions, we recommended submitting them to the applicable forum on the website. Other than that, we welcome any questions that have to do with promoting a proper understanding of Islamic beliefs and practices, clarifying misconceptions about Islam, rebuttals to attacks on Islam or issues of comparative religion as relating to Islam.

Whatever truth and goodness comes from our endeavor, it is from Almighty God, and whatever falsehood or error comes from it, that is from ourselves. And truly God knows best...

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